Field Trip Fun!

We are blessed with an outdoor learning space just down the road from Room 32. On Thursday we had the chance to visit and be a part of their ” Michigan Native American Culture” program. This experience will be a great kick off to our year long Michigan history conversations and activities.


iPals Started on Friday!

On Friday the kids in Room 32 grabbed their iPads, some books, and an intense desire to be a learning coach then headed to Mrs. Z’s kindergarten class. What a fantastic 25 minutes! We saw kindergartners taking a spin on the iPads. We saw third graders modeling what good fluent readers sound like and look like. We heard positive comments, words of encouragement and the highest rate of student engagement all day! We certainly look forward to growing these learning relationships in the months to come.Image

BIG numbers with our 5th grade buddies.

A conversation that took place during the first week of school in Room 32 included the question, “Can you learn with kids older than you are?” Some of us thought yes, others not so sure. We put the thinking to the test on Friday when we partnered with a 5th grade class down the hall. Room 32 learners were working on a strategy to read  up to 12 digit numbers. Not an easy task to get all of that thinking through your brain files and then smoothly out of your mouth. Try it yourself. Say 987,462,108 (You didn’t say “and” anywhere did you?) We had a great 20 minutes with our buddies and hope to have many more “multi-age” moments this year. Thanks Mrs. Blowers for partnering with us!Image

Math Rotation Stations

Third grade math is taught primarily in small groups every morning in Room 32. The kids are divided into 4 groups of 7 learners each and spend 20-25 minutes at each station. One station is where the teaching tables are located and is the stop where they get new instruction. The other 3 stations include a gaming station, online practice of the concept we are working on, and the Ipad station where kids are either practicing or creating a way to “show what they know”. Volunteers are always welcomed to join a station for the morning. Let me know if you would like to stop in.math9:5

The first week in Room 32

The first week in any classroom brings a dump truck load of thoughts and feelings. Kids are nervous, excited, overwhelmed, and often hungry. Hungry for food (at 10:00 in the morning) but also hungry to see “what comes next”. Teachers too have feelings of excitement, nervousness, and yes, hunger (My 10:00 am diet coke hit the spot all week) and so we spent the first week in Room 32 planting the seeds for growing into a 21st century learning community this year. Some of this week’s photos captured my favorite team building activity.