Yikes! Snow days and rough winter take their toll.

I noticed one day while home last week on ANOTHER snow day, that I haven’t posted in awhile. Even though we have missed 11 days to snow this winter, there are still some great things going on that I need to get out there. One of them was the snow day challenge that was tweeted out by our Superintendent Dave Tebo. Check the link for the story.


I decided that I too wanted to take the challenge. I watched the video and was inspired to think… I learn a lot from the kids in Room 32. There are even some days I think I learn more than they do, so I put together this little video message for the very special teachers I share Room 32 with every day.


At home reading goals take a holiday.

We take our goal setting pretty serious in Room 32. Last month we worked through a series of questions and discussions, asking each reader to think about a “good goal” for at home reading minutes. For those 4 weeks we analyzed, charted, and kept a close eye on the progress we were making. I am happy to report that on December 1st more than 1/2 our readers reached their personal November goal! We decided to make the December goal a little more relaxed. We figured out our average weekly reading minutes, multiplied it by 3 (for the weeks we had left in school before break) and made these cool candy cane charts to keep track. Check back at end of the month for our results.goals